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Business transformation consultants 
based in Lincolnshire 

As our name says, Lynchpin and Associates Ltd is something regarded as an essential co-ordinating element for businesses. As business transformation consultants, we focus on the essential elements that your organisation needs for its success. Based in Lincolnshire, we provide our services throughout the UK and Europe.
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Connecting your vision and strategies with customers’ perceptions 

The team of business consultants at Lynchpin and Associates Ltd, works with you to ensure that there is connection between your vision and strategies, the behaviours of those within your organisation, the perceptions of your customers and their experience of dealing with you. 
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Helping you release your untapped potential for transformation 

As one of the only UK/Europe based practitioners of the globally acclaimed UGRs ® (Unwritten Ground Rules) cultural development concept, we help you release the untapped potential of your corporate culture that is lying dormant within your business. 
We recognise that ultimately, it is your people and your customers that will determine your success. Our value based customer experience assessment toolkit (SenSus©) and the engagement of your people in your culture (UGRs®) go hand in hand to provide you with the opportunity for real and embedded transformation.

Richie Maddock and Anne Garrod

Our directors – Richie Maddock and Anne Garrod 

Formed by Richie and Anne in November 2012, Lynchpin and Associates Ltd is a Lincolnshire based company providing organisational development and business improvement consultancy and support. They have over 20 years of experience of working in the Organisational Development and Customer Experience arenas. They are the sole UK based associates of Australian Steve Simpson, the creator of the UGRs concept and his South African business partner, Stef Du Plessis. We help organisations 'join the dots'!

About Richie Maddock, MSc, CMICS, MCIPD

After a full and rewarding 22-year career in the British Army, Richie joined a large county council where he was asked to establish and lead a new Organisational Development function. He has a wealth of knowledge in OD, HR strategy, Quality and Change Management and Customer Experience Development. Richie firmly believes that regardless of the majority of initiatives companies and organisations put in place - it's really only the people who make things happen and employees will work and engage in a way that the organisational culture dictates. 

Richie's work on bringing together organisational values, strategies and plans, HR interventions and the customer experience, lead him to being invited to take up companion membership of the Institute of Customer Service (ICS). He, along with Anne, developed a value based customer experience measurement tool known as Touchstone, which was endorsed by the ICS and is used in many public sector organisations. This has been further developed and is now our 'SenSus' toolkit

He is now a highly regarded keynote speaker and presenter on the subject of workplace culture and the customer experience, contributing author on a leadership book (The Executive Diet), a judge on the panel for the Customer Services Training Network, The Patient Experience Network and WOW Customer Service awards, and helps organisations from all sectors develop their workplace culture using the UGRs concept.

Richie is married and has 2 sons. He is a total Chelsea fan (don't let that put you off) and his claim to fame is that he was Dame Kelly Holmes' sports coach - albeit in the sport of volleyball and not what she later became famous for! 
Workplace culture and customer experience

About Anne Garrod CMICS

With many years of experience in customer service, in both the private and public sectors, Anne transferred her knowledge and skills to the Organisational Development field so she could support large scale, customer focused change. Her roles within sales, call centre management and customer service training and development gives her a real insight to the field of customer experience and she recognises how important organisational culture is to delivery of a great customer experience. 

"Many think that any work on culture is the 'pink and fluffy' stuff that doesn't need to be addressed" says Anne. "Unfortunately for many organisations though, leaving your culture to chance will ultimately come back and bite you. It's not only front line staff that deliver on customer experience, it's the whole organisation playing their part, but the majority of cultures we see, support the view that customers are the domain solely of the customer service department"

Her work with Richie on Touchstone also led her to being invited to take up companion membership of the Institute of Customer Service. She has helped many organisations introduce the concept and put in plans to help embed its findings to ensure improvement.

"We have taken our work with the ICS and Touchstone and further developed it into our SenSus toolkit" says Anne. "It really is so simple and yet so powerful, and along with the UGRs you can put the customer right at the heart of your business"

More recently, Anne has been a project change manager for a large county council, where she dealt with the change in locations and work styles for individuals as the organisation looked to rationalise its property estate to drive out savings. Enabling and supporting employees to move from a very 'fixed' way of working to a more agile and mobile environment, whilst keeping a focus on customer requirements, she is highly skilled in employee engagement and people focused change management. "Moving to a completely different way of working is a huge cultural shift for both organisations and its people" 

Anne was born in Scotland in 1***, and in her youth was a keen horse rider, whilst also getting involved in the 'quiet and unadventurous' hobbies of parachuting and microlighting! She is a little more sedate now with just an outburst of energy when she hears a song from Bon Jovi!
Steve Simpson and Stef Du Plessis

Our friends 

Our business associates - Australian Steve Simpson, creator of the UGRs concept and Stef Du Plessis his South African Business partner. Two internationally acclaimed speakers, highly motivational people and our good friends.
"Richie was attention grabbing and interesting. It was a refreshing approach to the subject of culture and put into a language that everybody can understand"
-Our customer
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