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At Lynchpin and Associates Ltd, we believe in developing a customer centric approach. We also believe that the best people to connect internal strategies, engage with your people and your customers and transform your business - are your people. Based in Lincolnshire we provide our services across the UK and throughout Europe.

Effective knowledge transfer for consistent high performance

We really don't want to do things to you, but we do want to give you the tools so you can do it yourselves. Our primary objective is the transfer of knowledge, tools and techniques so that having a high performing, customer focused organisation and engaged workforce isn't a one off 'fad' but a sustainable activity conducted from within.
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We can:

  • Train and develop internal Unwritten Ground Rules Champions - an internal resource to take your corporate culture forward into the future
  • Instruct you in and provide you with, our SenSus© toolkit to conduct a value based assessment of your customer experience, and focus all staff (front and back office) on the customer, so you can make customer focus in your organisation
Bespoke solutions to suit your requirements 

Lynchpin and Associates Ltd offers bespoke solutions for all sectors to raise awareness about the impact of workplace culture and the customer experience and to introduce the UGRs ® concept and our SenSus© toolkit. They can consist of some of the following:

Executive and Management Master classes about their role in workplace culture.

Presentations and workshops to all levels/departments within your organisation to improve employee engagement and involvement to bring your company values to life.
  • 1 Day Workplace Culture Boot Camps
  • Keynote addresses
  • OD and Business Improvement Consultancy Services
  • Customer Experience Improvement through the development of customer focus within the back office functions (not customer service training) using our SenSus© toolkit
Remember - 
The concept of UGRs ® is a protected copyrighted product delivered by us under license arrangements. It is not available from anyone else in the UK.

Some of our projects have included: 

  • Helping to prepare an organisation, through the development of its culture, so that they could move to a more agile (remote) way of working
  • Heightened an organisation’s awareness of an individual’s role in the customer experience - regardless of where they sit in the organisation and what department - through the deployment of our SenSus© toolkit
  • Assisting organisations in implementing the changes required in working practices when undertaking a property rationalisation programme in Lincolnshire or anywhere in the UK
  • Using the concept of the Unwritten Ground Rules to help two organisations come together following a merger. Joint development of positive UGRs enabled both groups of employees to characterise the culture of the new body into the future 
  • Support to a senior leadership team with the challenges of change within the current economic environment, through an understanding of UGRs and an appreciation of what they need to do as individuals and as the leadership board to make their departments adaptable
  • Working alongside the HR department in a large organisation to engage employees in the core values, the link to the company brand and their customer service charter
  • Facilitated workshops and focus groups to identify business improvement opportunities and to help leaders with their strategy development.
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"I needed an independent facilitator to help me develop something that required a lot of different organisations to work together - Lynchpin were excellent in keeping them focused and together"
-Our customer
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