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Assistance in changing organisational culture 

If you are looking to change your workplace culture for enhanced productivity, then contact Lynchpin and Associates Ltd. We can help your business become more customer focused by using various strategies and transformation techniques. Based in Lincolnshire we provide our services throughout the UK and Europe. 

Unwritten Ground Rules (UGRs ®)

When it comes to developing a positive attitude towards the workplace, there are various unwritten ground rules that must be followed. In fact, there is a tool called Unwritten Ground Rules or UGRs ®, which assesses workplace culture and understands the need of the business. Lynchpin and Associates Ltd is the only company licensed in Europe to use this tool.
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Bespoke training courses

As a business owner, you need to understand how your customers feel after they interact with your customer care staff. As creating positive customer experience is highly important for long-term growth of any organisation, we provide special training courses on linking workplace culture and the customer experience. We provide bespoke activities on workplace culture using UGRs ® and to those handling customers directly or indirectly we have developed a toolkit, SenSus©, which can help your organisation create a culture of service. 
Transforming your business
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SenSus© consists of two components:

  • Customer dialogue: Essentially, customers’ feelings are determined by 4 values; trust, confidence, reassurance and dignity. What you do with regards to these values influences your customers’ perception of your business. We can offer training in the toolkit or provide complete services for you. 
  • Customer impact bands: How your role impacts upon your customers’ experience is highly important. We categorise every position within the organisation so that everybody can help in creating positive customer experience in their own way.
The purpose of this training course is to help your staff understand how you made your customer feel from the first contact to the final contact.
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"WOW!! The whole subject of UGRs and its delivery made it one of the best days I've had at work for ages. We were all buzzing and spotting UGRs in the office for days"
-Our customer
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